Can you get too much love? That's the question we asked ourselves in a cafe in Uppsala, Sweden, in February 2019. Then and there, the idea of LOV’NLOC was born. 

With our unique love bracelets, inspired by the lovelocks on the bridges in Paris, Florence and Amsterdam, you have now the possibility to "love lock" all your loved ones. The lovelocks are a universal symbol. They hang there as symbols against all hate and distrust in the world today.

That is the reason why we started LOV'NLOC. We wish to contribute to a more positive atmosphere in society. Our goal is that the LOV'NLOC-bracelets should be worn as symbols of love and compassion, by you.


LOV’NLOC is a new Swedish start-up company and accessory brand based in Stockholm and Uppsala. We sell our own designed love bracelets to a global market. All bracelets are designed in trendy, classical and timeless colours, crowned by our signature lovelock hook.

Our love bracelets are exquisitely made of double lined premium Italian leather. All bracelets are individually made by hand, by premium experts in our studio in Spain. In the same workshops as many international brands, e.g Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Loewe, etc. LOV’NLOC is designed to give.

Service and convenience are also very important to us and therefore we always offer free delivery, 30 days return and fine packaging.


We the founders, Susanne Özmete and Daniel Stipich, have over 20 years of common knowledge of entreprenuerial experience, business development, marketing, branding, retail, service and digital development. We live and breath everything at LOV'NLOC

We first got to know eachother when working together within retail and marketing at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, around the year 2000.

Since then Susanne has been a co-founder and entrepreneur within women's leadership at Klara K, running her own mentor programme and the jewelry company My Dromedary. She is also a passionate instagrammer for Me-time; a channel for women with the purpose to gild everyday life.

Daniel has been responsible for branding and marketing at Sweden's biggest international airport Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. Before moving on to the mission of Head of Marketing at the iconic department store Nordiska Kompaniet - NK. Daniel is also responsible for the creation of the famous photo gallery Stockholm Hall of Fame in the arrival halls at the aiport and the yearly NK Galan; a fashion gala that supports contemporary international design.

With this brief discription of us, our love movement and our designed love bracelets, we hope that you have found answers to your questions.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Kind regards,

Susanne & Daniel, Founders